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The Institute was founded in 1997 as a branch of Karakol Kyrgyzskoy Academy Muktaly Amanov. In high school PPS having academic degree, constitute 32.1% of the total, which corresponds to the regulatory requirements. Currently, the institute trained more than 1,300 students.
             The institute has created favorable conditions for fruitful research and training. The Institute has close ties with leading research universities, centers, institutes, National Academy of Sciences, ISU them. K Tynystanov; KSUCTA, KTU them. Razakova, KNU. Balasagyn; KRSU, Siberian Branch, Academy of Sciences of Russia;
Kazakh Economic Technological University. Satpayev. Issyk-Kul Cooperation Institute has sufficient material and technical base for: academic buildings, modern teaching lab classrooms, lecture halls, sports halls 3 and 4, a computer room connected to the Internet. The Institute has two libraries, reading rooms. Thanks to systematic and comprehensive efforts to improve the quality of education, graduates of the institute are in demand, competitive human resources in the labor market.
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     В мае 2013 г. координатор г.Каракол, депутат ЖК КР Д.Бекешев через областные газеты и по телевидению объявил конкурс среди студентов ВУЗов на тему : «Мои идеи по развитию Каракола». В связи с этим, один из лучших преподавателей Иссык-Кульского института кооперации имени академика Ж.Алышбаева, С.Ташбаева заинтересовала и воодушевила для участия в данном конкурсе студентов 2-4 курсов нашего института. В конкурсе участвовали 5 студентов из нашего института, а также 7 студентов из других ВУЗов г.Каракол. 

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The mission of the University is to provide collaborative learning, the development of ideology and cooperation.


Young people, maintaining a system of continuous education, learn together and develop their abilities to become competent professionals, confident in themselves and in their chosen field. They learn to apply their knowledge and skills in today's society, both at home and abroad such skilled personnel able to contribute to the development of world science.

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